I call this a routine

This January, I shared pictures of two The Ordinary serums on instagram and got a couple of responses and questions about it. Mainly, I was asked to report back later about how they work for me. So now that I’m about to re-order for the second time, I thought I’d share what I think.

Because I’m obviously not using these serums alone, I share my other products as well. First, because there is likely interaction and second, because I really love some of the products. Most of my products are natural skincare, so if you are interested – keep reading!

The first picture shows my whole morning “routine”. I’m actually a bit proud of having found something that I can stick to, so don’t make fun of my mini routine if you’re one of the people with a million products. For me it’s three.

I wash my face with water and a microfiber cloth and spray it with Lush’s Breath of fresh air toner (vegan). It’s rich in minerals and supposed to reduce redness, so perfect for my dry skin.

Step two is The Ordinary Hyaluronic acid (vegan) to deeply moisturize my skin. I order it online directly from Deciem (they have a couple of other interesting brands that I didn’t try yet). HA is found in many day-creams but the higher the percentage the higher often the price. With this serum, I got HA covered for less than £10. Both toner and serum work for any skin-type, I guess. After using the HA for a while now to me it really makes a difference. It makes the skin look very healthy, no dullness, and plumps it up a bit.

The last step (before any makeup) is one of the best products I ever found. Origins Energy-boosting tinted moisturizer is day cream, SPF, and tint in one. And the SPF is high enough (40) to really protect from sun damage. It’s unfortunately not vegan (beeswax), but Origins claims it cruelty free. It smells like oranges/lemons and contains coffee and ginseng. And although I know that scientifically neither coffee nor ginseng does anything special to your skin, I still like the product. It’s supposed to be for dry, normal, and oily skin, but I can imagine it might be a bit heavy on oily skin.

This picture shows my evening routine. Again three products (purely by chance). I start with washing my face with water and a microfiber cloth again. If I wear eye makeup I remove it with a specific product first.

Step one is then The Ordinary Resveratrol and Ferulic acid. The Ordinary claims you could use it twice a day, but I follow the rule “what comes in a dark bottle i.e. needs to be protected from light works better during the night”. Now, both ingredients are plant derived antioxidants. I don’t believe in wonders and I certainly don’t believe these stop my skin from aging, but what I think they do is to help my skin heal faster. I often have small spots on my forehead (hormones) and since I use this serum they heal faster plus they don’t leave dark marks. So that’s the review after 3 + months.

The next step is Sukin’s Rose hip oil. Any facial oil would work, but I like Sukin a lot, as they have a quite impressive “no list”:



That’s why I also decided to try their Calming night cream and it works a treat (dry/sensitive skin). On top, all their products are really affordable and carbon neutral (although it’s an Australian brand and I didn’t ask yet if that’s also true when I buy them here).

In England I can get Sukin at Boots, but I already checked where I can get it if we move countries again. Have a look at Lovelula, they have loads of natural skincare.

If you wondered if I do nothing for my eyes, yes I do. I currently use Sukin Antioxidant eye serum (vegan) and Burt’s Bees sensitive eye cream (not vegan, I think). Again, dark bottle = night. I’m not entirely convinced of either product, but Burt’s Bees absorbs really quickly and seems to calm my skin. I rarely have really puffy eyes, so I need to wait for the next sleepless night to give it a real test.

Little update: After developing (product unrelated) dermatitis on my eyelids I had to stop using both products, as only zinc creme will help.

Last but not least, these are the little helpers that keep my forehead spot free (such an improvement). Whenever I have the feeling spots are developing I use The Ordinary Salicylic acid on my forehead instead of HA. And if I have a spot, I treat it with Origins Super spot remover (most expensive but so worth it 15 ml product of my life).

I’m always thankful for recommendations, so let me know what you swear by!


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