Merry Christmas!

Tomorrow is the 24th of December and thus Christmas! This year I thought I wish all of you happy holidays through a special blog entry. I had a look into my photo album and collected pictures showing my family’s Christmas trees, starting 1990 and ending with the one we had last year. I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I do.

In 1990 our tree was rather smallish. And so was I:

In 1991 the tree looked rather naked and not quite straight. It also featured one red candle among otherwise white ones:

In this picture from 1994 you cannot see too much of the tree, but there definitely was a lot of tinsel:

In 2002 I was apparently super happy about a French manicure set and the lower half of our tree was decorated with “dog-safe” things:

I guess the motto of 2003 was “more is more”:

We went almost minimalist two years later in 2005:

From 2006 I have a blurred picture, but see we’re still using real candles:

2009 we tried something new, a white tree. We even changed the red bands of the bells to white:

In 2011 we either bought our tree very late or got it very cheap. I can still not really decide what I think about this shape:

The 2012 tree came with multiple tips:

Another white tree in 2014, this time in our new house:

And finally, 2016. My favourite of all trees so far:

Which one did you like best? And how does your Christmas tree look like this year?

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  1. Frrancisco Lima
    July 25, 2018 / 1:16 pm

    Very nice!

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