Morocco with a carry-on | What to pack?

Over and over I´m telling I´ll write on the blog again soon, so maybe I don´t make new promises in the future. But for now I wrote this post. This one is about how to pack when travelling only with a carry-on/hand luggage especially when going to a country like Morocco.

For a while now I own a vintage looking Fjällräven rucksack (a new similar model is “Övik”, that is not too roomy with its 20l volume, but very easy to carry.

I don´t use trolley bags usually, because they´re not very handy when the underground is not smooth and solid.

For Morocco I packed mainly loose fitting tees and long trousers. Of course this was partially because Morocco is a Muslim country. You can see both very traditional and very modern (and revealing) dressed women in Marrakech, but I generally try not to attract attention when travelling. Since I didn’t´t feel dressed up at all in what I packed this was a good solution for me. In addition I am quite pale and the sun in Morocco in April can be quite strong, so there is another advantage in dressing modest. To not sweat in your long sleeve in the heat, make sure it´s made from natural fibres (rule of thump: the less stretchy a shirt, the higher the percentage in cotton).

Besides all the modest dressing I was still stared at by several men (though that also happens in the train in Berlin) and one time in a crowd someone touched me inappropriately. Not nice.

This is my clothing selection for 10 days Madrid and Marrakech with a carry-on:

Totally worth it for any kind of travelling and especially on planes, long T-shirt dresses. Not only are they extremely comfy, you´re dressed completely in no time and with one piece, wearing for example a bikini underneath (you´re also allowed in any church around the world), they work as your personal changing room on the beach, and are super practical even if you just want to cool down your legs in a fountain or so… no fiddling around with your trousers legs 😉

2x long T-shirt dress:

3x T-shirt:

3x thin blouse:

3x trousers, 1x belt:

For layering, 2x leggings and 4x top:

2x scarf, 1x sunglasses:

Everything together + 1x jeans, 1x cardigan:

(cat also wanted to be packed… undies, bras and socks not shown)

As you can see I dress rather monochromatic when travelling (black/blue/grey/white) so everything fits with everything. I always add some leggings and scarfs to be able to adapt to unexpected cooler temperatures.

To fit everything into my rucksack I roll the clothes up. This technique allows you to use every corner of your bag and is also preventing creases. On top I suggest to wear the bulkiest things on the plane, especially when it comes to shoes. So in this case where I only had a pair of sandals and some sneakers, I packed the sandals and wore the sneakers. For the evenings I also took a waistcoat with me.

I love Lush cosmetics and luckily they are extremely handy when it comes to travelling, especially the shampoo bars (also counts as body wash and in emergencies as washing agent), conditioner bars, solid deodorants, and massage bars that I use as body lotion. At the moment, this is my favourite shampoo:

During my time in Ecuador I had a different, herbal one that they don´t sell anymore (in places with a lot of insects you don´t want to smell sweet and flowery). This one is pretty close to the old one, even though they promote it for its smell:

This is a nice conditioner bar:

And my all-time favourite deodorant is this one:

As I mentioned, while travelling I use their massage bars as body lotion. This one smells like lemon:

The good thing is obviously that these products safe space, but on top they can´t spill in your bag. Also you´re now able to fill your 1l liquids bag with things like tooth paste, facial cream and perfume (yes, I never go anywhere without my perfume).
I´m using a tangle teezer instead of a normal brush, not because I think it´s better, but because it´s smaller and I don´t use much make-up. Actually, since I started dying my eye lashes I don´t take mascara with me when travelling anymore and thus don´t need to bring a remover. On the other hand,  cleansing tissues or baby wipes don´t count as a liquid and are always a good thing to have (to clean your hands for example).

On top of clothing and cosmetics I brought my big camera, a book, a notebook, charging cables, and some snacks.

Everything packed:

That´s it! I´m now going to write about the trip to Japan with my brother and father.

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