Before I continue writing about Morocco, and because it´s almost Christmas, I´d like to show you my all-time-favorite poster: Scratch-Map! (


Luckies of London produces this super lovely maps that are covered with a golden or silver foil. Every time you visited a country/place, you remove the foil at this spot on the map by scratching and “uncover” the place. I have the “classic” one at home since a while now, and I´m getting really excited every time I realize I can uncover a new country.

I also had to stop myself from planning trips to countries just because they are huge (so much scratching).


If you have a friend that likes to travel, this map is definitely the perfect gift. They now have several versions and the Europe map is also very nice. The only reason I don´t have that one as well is that it is silver. And I really can´t have posters with mismatching colors next to each other 😉


For all the Berliners: They have it at Urban Outfitters on Ku´damm.


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