Lisbon in a rush

After a longish break I decided to publish the next (short) post on this blog. As I promised, this post will be about the trip to Lisbon that we did September 2015 (during my week in Porto). There were two reasons to go to Lisbon. First, I wanted to meet Carla and see where she’s working, and second, we wanted to visit Francisco’s grandmother. Do you remember Carla? We did a bike tour to the Golden Gate Bridge together in San Francisco (to the San Francisco post).

Because we stayed only one night and traveling by train is not particularly fast, there was not too much time to see something of the city.

That’s where we started… train station in Porto:

For reasons that I can’t remember, we decided to sleep at a youth hostel. Fun fact, they had Francisco’s name and eMail address still registered from a visit 10 years before. Since we could only check in in the evening, we did a walk through the city and up the hill to the castle “Castelo de São Jorge” where you have a beautiful view. Lisbon is the oldest West European city (older than Rome) and fortifications on this hill date back to the 2nd century BC. The castle however is from the Moorish period in the 10th century.

Walk through the city:

How are these cute little vehicles called in English?

Praça do Comércio:

Rua Augusta Arch (and don’t ask why I took the photo cutting the top of it):


At São Jorge Castle:

View from the castle:

View II:

The next day we went to meet Carla in Oeiras. On our way there we had a look at the area of the Expo 98 (Parque das Nações since 2012) with its Torre Vasco da Gama. Oeiras is a municipality in the western part of Lisbon and home of the ITQB (Instituto de Tecnologia Quimica e Biológica) and thus of Carla’s Plant Metabolomics lab.

Walking through Parque das Nações:

Vasco da Gama Tower:

Lunch at the beach in Oreias (want that for Golm as well):

Carla and me in kind of typical thinking poses:

After meeting the Plant Metabolomics lab (a small but very welcoming group) we went to Belém for the afternoon to have some original pastéis de nata. I am still trying to recreate something halfway similar in Berlin. My favorite recipe so far is this one: and no, it’s not because she also writes her blog in two languages 😉

Waiting for pastéis de nata in Belém:

Close-by are the Jerónimos Monastery and Padrão dos descobrimentos (the monument to the discoveries). To me it seems a bit funny that this monument to Portuguese explorations which is not as old as one might expect kind of celebrates colonialism. But in a romantic world one can maybe separate these two things.

Jerónimos Monastery:

The monastery:

At the river (25 de Abril Bridge in the background):

Worldmap on the floor at Padrão dos descobrimentos:

Padrão dos descobrimentos:

In the evening we went back to Porto, taking the train at Gare do Oriente. At night, this train station is definitely also a sight.

When we left… train station Gare do Oriente in Lisbon at night (and some students initiation ritual):

Up next: Morocco!

PS: This is my first post written almost entirely on my iPad… maybe that speeds up the writing process a bit in the future!

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