Contrasts | Los Angeles and California’s Coast

For 2016 I planned to update my blog to the point that I post about a trip shortly after being back. Therefor, I need “to get rid” of some stories about last years trips. I guess nobody really wants to read my long texts anyway, so I´ll keep it a little shorter 😉

Leaving Yosemite, we headed towards Los Angeles. In LA we rented a room that was owned by an illegal immigrant (which is why I will not link his beautiful appartment here). So LA was kind of the “American Dream”- real life experience with our host having a proper job, owning a car and subletting rooms in his Hollywood flat. No further comments on immigration politics.

On the way from our appartment to Hollywood Blvd:

Because LA is huge and I don´t really like to drive in big cities that I don´t know (basically everything that is not Berlin) we used the tourist busses to get around. Except for Santa Monica, where we drove on our own.

Here are some impressions of Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, and Venice:

See the sign?

Marlene and me:

Street view:

Micky and me:

Beverly Hills:

Street view:

Santa Monica beach:

View towards Santa Monica beach on the way to Venice:


In Venice:

Skating at the beach:

Beach life:

Beach, beach, beach:

More beach including me:

I have to say, I did not really develop a feeling for LA. Hollywood is strangely stuck in the 90s and you get the feeling its best days are over. What I really enjoyed was Santa Monica and Venice. The beach, the people there, the palm trees, and the theme park where exactly as I imagined. And of course breathing salty air always makes you feel better immediately!

If you´re in LA and you have to get back to San Francisco, you should definitely go for the slow route at the coast. Big Sur is amazing. We stopped for one more night in Monterey, but didn´t visit the Aquarium which my brother told me to skip.

On our way we did several stops to do some whale and elephant seal (the German word: Seeelefant has 3 Es!) watching 😀

Our last day in California is pretty much summarized in this instagram post (@isaltobel) of mine:

After this quick summary of the California trip the next entery will be “Beautiful Dubrovnik – How to feel super relaxed after less than 1 week of vacation”.

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