Beautiful Dubrovnik | How to feel super relaxed after less than 1 week of vacation

As you might know my personal life changed quite a bit last year and in April my friend Lena moved in with me.
After some visits at Ikea, writing a Bachelors thesis (Lena) and other things we really needed some holidays but with little expenses. So how do you choose a destination for that?
1. Go to
2. Choose dates and flights from Berlin to “Everywhere”
3. Take the cheapest and sunniest location that is not Mallorca. (I have no problem with Mallorca, but let´s face it, the combination of cheap and nice is kind of hard to get there.)
That´s how we ended up with Dubrovnik, a place that we anyway wanted to visit someday.
Lucky us we found a nice apartment with balcony on AirBnB (the price was almost too good to be true).

Here´s a list of things you can do during 1 week of relaxing holidays in Dubrovnik:

1. Sun, beach, books

I think this almost goes without any comment. But I guess it´s good to know that there´s almost no sandy beaches in and around Dubrovnik. Instead you can find many nice  and more or less private places in between the rocks at the shore (most places are equipped with ladders, so easy access to the water). I would still suggest to take some “swimming shoes” with you, so you can enjoy any kind of rocky beach.

Looking for a nice place:

We´re trying to improve our selfie-skills:

Reading is key:

Hello sun:

2. Visiting the old town

Dubrovnik is known for its old town that is also the basis of different sets in Game of thrones. Definitely worth is the tour on the old city wall that takes about 60 to 90 min. Try to be an early bird, you want to avoid the bright sun (especially when traveling with a red head) and masses of tourists.

When visiting the old town, be early because of these guys:

View over the old town while walking on the wall:

Walk around the city center:

Game of thrones, Set 1:

Old town:

3. Daytrip on a boat

You can do several day trips starting from the port in Dubrovnik´s old town. We chose the rather short trip to Lokrum. Lokrum ist another setting of Game of thrones. We spend half a day exploring the island, went for a swim and afterwards back to the town.


On the boat:


Wandering around:

Game of thrones, Set 2:

View from the hill on Lokrum:

4. With a cable car through the night

Another nice thing to do is to take the cable car  up the hills and enjoy the view on Dubrovnik. We chose to do this trip in the evening. There´s a restaurant on the hill as well and I guess dinner there is quite romantic, however it was too expensive for our budget.

Dubrovnik at night:

Not sure what this tower is for, but the colours are nice:


Next entry will be about Porto 🙂

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