My favourite Bali Temple and a Trip to the Blue Lagoon

My final Bali post starts with my favourite place of all favourite places to visit on the island. I have no clue why it doesn’t appear in any of the “10-things-to-do-in-Bali” lists. Where else do you find the remains of a water palace with pools that you can cross hopping from concrete stele to stele? You feel a bit like in a jump and run game and if someone needs to pass by it also reminded me of the beam sport classes I had as a kid. Due to the water the place also has a quite chilly, pleasant atmosphere even if you´re not swimming (you can if you like to, but in one of the bigger pools).

Water palace in Tirtagangga:

Don’t accidentally step on a water lily leaf instead:

Philipp and me:

Fish are friends not food:

This trip was supposed to be a bit more relaxing than the other ones and thus our next stop was the bay of Padang Bai. – Quite not so relaxed: My father searching for internet connection. Hello 21st century and permanent availability. – Since we arrived around lunchtime and I have a always hungry brother we first entered a small restaurant. They had banana pancakes as a dessert, super yummy.

Restaurant in Padang Bai:

The bay of Padang Bai:

We then decided to have an afternoon at the beach and walked to the Blue Lagoon, a place that had an inexpressible atmosphere. I could feel how Bali must have been years ago, when my father first visited Indonesia. A place to calm down, lie on the beach and think about nothing than how to change position to not make your legs go dead.

Blue Lagoon:

The rest of the day can be described as follows: Our driver would like to make some more money. He says we definitely need to visit a silversmith. The silversmith is more a shop than anything else. But actually they have some quite nice pieces. We buy something. Win-win.

We did another trip a couple of days later. We visited Nusa Lembongan, a small island close to Bali. I should have planned that trip a little better, because there is a manta ray cleaning station close to the shore and diving with mantas is a lifetime experience I guess. Somehow I did not manage to do the planning, so we just went to the island on one of these fun boats (including a slide and other stuff), ate a lot while on the boat, went snorkelling and then rented a board to do some stand-up paddling. Afterwards we went back to Bali. It was still a very nice day.

Nusa Lembongan, low tide:

Beautiful beach view:


To end this chapter about Bali, a final statement: Everybody who doesn’t have plenty of time (we had only two weeks) but would like to visit many interesting places, people who want to have the Asia-for-beginners experience and everybody who doesn’t want to care about safety issues while travelling… go to Bali. For everybody else I would rather recommend to include it in a Southeast Asia round trip. That’s at least what I want to do somewhen in the future!

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