Hello Bali Paradise!

For our summer holidays in 2014 we went to Bali, Indonesia. We were lucky because my father booked an apartment with more bedrooms than he needed, so we just had to book a flight and join them.

We took Malaysian Airlines flight MH-19 (the former MH-17 flying an updated route), which could have made one slightly nervous, but I have to say Malaysian did a great job and they had a really good service.

Indonesia is a huge country consisting of over 17.000 islands. Bali is only a tiny part of it and one of the most popular places among tourists.

Balis capital city is Denpasar, the most famous place is Kuta beach. Our apartment “Villa Leli” was located in Sanur close to both of them.

Villa Leli:

The living room:

Door to the bedrooms:

Flowers 🙂

The first sightseeing trip we made was to learn a bit more about the culture of Bali. We visited the “Museum Bali” and the neighboring temple “Pura Jagatnatha”. The museums architecture itself looks like a temple-palace mix featuring several buildings. Each of the buildings harbors items from different centuries. Balinese culture in fact is Hindu culture but with its island specific character. Little sacrificial offerings are everywhere you step and you can always find people celebrating a cremation or a different kind of ceremony. This might also be due to the fact that every small village or place in Bali has 3 temples, one for each world (heaven – this world – death). One of the buildings was full of offerings made from colored rice and another on crowded with ritual daggers. To be honest, I was more interested in the buildings than in the displayed items…

Museum Bali:


Pura Jagatnatha, the temple next to the museum, is one of nine national temples and the only temple on Bali dedicated to the all-mighty god. To enter the temple proper clothes are a must, this means everybody has to wear a sarong. Since we haven´t had been on the island long enough to buy our own, we had to rent sarongs. Whereas the entry for the temple was free, the sarongs were incredibly expensive (daylight robbery!). Not many other tourists were around so we took our time to look around. This may not sound very special, but since Bali is kind of overcrowded by tourists it´s a rather rare experience.

Temple Pura Jagatnatha:

Throne for the gods:

To bring along our own sarongs to the next temple visits, we went for shopping in the afternoon and had a super delicious Chinese meal afterwards. Suddenly it was getting dark and all the taxis were disappeared. We had actually forgotten that it was Idul Fitri (End of Ramadan) which is of course also celebrated in Bali, mainly because of the many tourists from other parts of Indonesia visiting for these holidays. Finally we were lucky and managed to find a taxi that took all 5 of us home.

Denpasar, in front of the market:


Next entry includes “How to not do a daytrip on Bali” and “Exotic fruits and coffee from cat poo”

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