Bahía de Cochinos y algo mas (Cuba)

Leaving Habana we followed the highway south. The highway was planned as a 6-lane route connecting Habana and Santiago, but was finished only half way. Nowadays one of the lanes is used for horses and carts, the other two are spiked with potholes but due to the low traffic density travelling is not much of a problem.

Our next destination was Bahía de Cochinos, where a CIA funded invasion of exil cuban para-military forces took place in 1961. To be honest, we were just there for the beach.

This time we stayed in a hotel, for a quite simple reason. Because Bahía de Cochinos is a rather unpeopled place there are not much restaurants etc. plus, the hotel was really cheap and had a swimming pool!

Most hotels in Cuba belong to the Cubanacan group. You can have a look at them and book them in advance at:

However, I would not trust the lovely pictures of hotel rooms to much 😉

Pool area:

For our road trip we bought some water and… cookies. Because when it comes to food it gets a bit complicated:

If you are a Vegetarian or even eat vegan, be prepared for a very sparse choice of meals. Of course you can always eat rice with black beans (morros y blancos) but it is already hard to find some cooked vegetables or salad. That is rather normal for South and Central America and not because of the controlled economy in Cuba. Admittedly, the controlled economy makes it hard to find some grocery stores to buy water and victuals for your day trips and you have to search for the small stores where the locals buy their foodstuff to find some fruits. Fruits are anyway not a really big thing on the island.

I am a Vegetarian usually but last year I still ate fish (and lobster… never had so much lobster within 3 weeks and surely will never have again). Unfortunately I´m also intolerant to lactose, so I cannot eat puddings or ice cream to fill the gap. Additionally I haven´t found a single sandwich without huge amounts of molten cheese on it, which gives me extremely nasty stomachaches.

And then Cubans are really addicted to eating eggs for breakfast. I don´t know if this is a Central American habit, but I experienced the same in Ecuador and I also learned all the words to describe what kind of egg you like to eat.

Finally, the cliche. If you love chicken, there you are 😉

It´s all not a really big thing, but one should not expect to much.

Some more beach pictures?

After 3 days of relaxing we continued our trip to Cienfuegos and Trinidad. Two cities I have to give a more detailed report on. (In a new entry. I´m sorry for this one being rather short!)


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